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4x4 dynamometer

As one of the few in Szczecin, we carry out engine tests on a 4x4 load dynamometer DYNOPROJECT 4WD DP4L. Our machine will reveal the true power of your car.

Dyno is a professional, modern diagnostic tool. Each second of measurement provide enormous amount of useful and reliable information about certain engine torque and power. On the dynamometer, we accurately reproduce various road conditions and check how your car behaves in extreme situations. Thanks to this, we know how to safely extract maximum power out of it.

Only on a 4x4 load dynamometer you can obtain the data necessary for a safe chip tuning. Do not trust amateur services - if you need extra power come to us.


Do you want to drive more dynamically, maintaining full safety on the road and improving driving ergonomics?

We will optimize your car's engine software to maximize its torque. Our programs are prepared individually on the dynamometer, and controllers are programmed on the spot.

We tune engine only after a full diagnostics of your car and careful measurement on a dynamometer. Do you want to know, what the effect of tuning in case of your vehicle? Contact us.


Engine power is limited not only by the program. Often it is the exhaust and intake systems that need to be modified to unleash the car's full potential. And it's not about how it looks! (although a good look will not hurt)

We provide a full range of exhaust and intake systems modernization services - from replacing the silencer, through professional welding, up to building the entire system made of stainless or acid-resistant steel. Safety is the most important concern, so we always check if the chip tuning performed on the car does not require any modifications also in exhaust system. We will not allow insufficient air flow to waste the power gain achieved. (or blockage in exhaust pipe to burn down your engine).

Ask our expert about sport exhaust system installation. We install MG Motorsport. Do you know a better one?


Nissan GT-R is one of the best sport cars. It is also one of our favourite cars to work on.

We provide comprehensive diagnostics and full service for your Nissan GT-R. We use only the highest quality equipment for modification and repair of this model. Gearbox adaptations, clutch adjustment, professional tuning, chip tuning - these are only some examples of services available in our workshop.

We know how much power reside in Nissan GT-R. For you, we will extract its full potential and provide you with a driving comfort that you will not find anywhere else.

We use original gear and software made by Ecutek