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About us

Modern car service

Carro is a modern service of passenger cars and vans - we are professionals, passionate about cars, mechanics and speed. Our main specialization is chip tuning and complementary mechanical modifications, but we know the cars inside out as well and are able to perform any action related with them. We love unleashing the power hidden in engines, but we don't shy away from more down-to-earth repairs and upgrades. If you like cars, we will find a common language.

Quality first

Tuning cars up is a delicate process, requiring attention and a great care about even the smallest details. We have mastered a car's performance analytics to perfection, always to determine the maximum potential of each individual vehicle and extract its full power without the risk of accidents, decrease in engine durability, driving safety or comfort. We always return vehicle in condition better than we received it.

Master level experts...

We tuned up hundreds of cars, from Golf to Huracan - and we haven't had a chance to meet a dissatisfied customer.

  • 4x4 load dynamometer (which we know how to use),
  • software individually customized for each car (because we write it ourselves),
  • in-depth specialist knowledge, allowing us to comprehensively diagnose and perform a complex modernizations from the engine and gearbox, through the exhaust system, to the brakes (because we know every aspect of the car, not just throw in a powerbox),
  • and perfectionism in every detail and every single order (not only when we have a good day)

these are just a few of many reasons, why incidents just doesn't occur in our workshop.

...and a bit crazy

And on top of all of that, You will like us. Seriously.

You will meet us at races and shows, conventions and car events. We are are always ready to talk about cars, rides, carts, wheels, rides and even carriages. We will advise and help if you need it, or we complain about radars, cameras and traps. We can also race or compare our penalties score.

Ask our current Customers if it's worth it.